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We all have a gift to the world

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Our biggest journey is within

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About me

Having traveled the world, I found my gift inside me. Rebranding discipline. Transpersonal coach. Meditation and mindfulness trainer. Mind hacker.... My journey
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Unleash your potential

Realise your purpose

Make space for focus, decisiveness, integrity and inspiration.

Embrace your shadows

Heal (trans)personal blockages. Find strength in your darkness.

Hack your mind

Become a witness of your thoughts. Regain control over your mind.

Live in bliss

Liberate your creative energy and expand your consciousness.
Support your growth

My Services

Want to start meditating but don’t know how to start? Stuck in your meditation practice? Learn tips and tricks to practice mindfulness and improve your meditations during 1-on-1 sessions. “Between matter and mind, mind matters most.” S.N. Goenka   What is meditation about? Meditation is both a state of mind – you feel at peace…

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Become aware of your limiting beliefs and transform your blockages in personal coaching sessions or in one of my online workshops. 

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Accelerate your growth and connect with mirrors of the human tribe.

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From leadership coaching over process facilitation to setting up project management structures, you will learn how to dance with the system and to align your structures and practices with your vision.

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